Become a vendor at Multiculturalism Day 2024

Do you want to be a vendor at our event? Fill this form to save your spot!

Vendor / Service provider application form

This is an application form for being a vendor or service provider and to be able to present or sell your products and services at Multiculturalism Day event on June 29th at the Memorial Peace Park at Maple Ridge. We want to make sure there are no duplicate products and everyone is happy, this is why everyone, having a booth at the event shall apply first. The participation fee, once your application is approved, is $30CAD.

What is your participation role:(Required)
Are you going to be a vendor at our event selling your products or services? Are you going to be a service provider offering community services for free? Are you going to be a performer also having a booth to sell products?
One of the main conditions to be a vendor at this event is to present culturally diverse products or services. We also want to make sure there will be no duplicate services and products.
How do you wish to pay the participation fee of $30CAD?(Required)