NNAC – Newcomers’ Network Advisory Committee

About the NNAC

The Newcomer Network Advisory Committee, also referred to as NNAC, is currently comprised of seven individuals that have resided in Canada for less than five years. Many of the committee members have only been here for less than six months!

Their purpose is to advise our Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Katzie LIP Council on the gaps and barriers that newcomers face upon arriving in our community and to help guide our strategic initiatives. Without these dedicated new community members, our Council would not have the perspective to work towards positive outcomes for all newcomers to our communities.

Meet The Team


Miyoung - Chair

Name: Miyoung Park

Language(s): Korean, Mandarin, & English
Country of Origin: Korea
Arrived in Canada: 2018

Occupation: Through LIP, Miyoung was hired at an immigration serving organization.

Goal: Miyoung wants newcomers to have the same positive experience that she had when she moved to Canada.



Name: Kamelia

Language(s): Farsi & English
Country of Origin:  Iran
Arrived in Canada: 2020

Occupation: Has a Bachelor’s of Science in Software Engineering.

Goal: Kamelia’s vision for Maple Ridge is to make it a more vibrant, inclusive, and attractive place to live.



Name: Calena Rodriguez

Language(s): Spanish & English
Country of Origin: El Salvador
Arrived in Canada: 2017

Occupation: Before arriving to Canada, Calena obtained a Master’s degree in Finance and worked as a Cost Analyst for a well-known multinational company.

Goal: Calena is motivated by the idea of collaborating with Newcomers and making their onboarding process easier.



Name: Leila

Language(s): Farsi & English
Country of Origin: Iran
Arrived in Canada: 2021

Occupation: Leila was a lawyer in her country of origin.

Goal: Leila wants new immigrants to view Canada as their own country as soon as possible.

Special Thanks

To all the members of the committee who continued their successful careers in Canada. We will be forever grateful for your time, dedication, and hard work!


Rita - Ex- Chair

Name: Rita

Language(s): Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew & English
Country of Origin: Ukraine/Israel
Arrived in Canada: 2018

Occupation:  Rita is a Yoga teacher, and has a Bachelor’s in Politics and Government as well as in Social Work.

Goal: Rita hopes to help create a welcoming, comfortable and accessible city for Newcomers to feel a sense of belonging.



Name: Saloni

Language(s): Hindi, Gujurati, Mewadi, & English
Country of Origin: India
Arrived in Canada: 2020

Occupation: Saloni has done a digital marketing course from BCIT, and has started a company called the Thumbprints which promotes rural Indian handcrafts and paintings.

Goal:  Saloni strives to build community connections and share experiences through volunteering at the Maple Ridge Advisory Committee.

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